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Tree Trimming
Tree Pruning 
Stump Grinding
A Top Notch Tree many reasons that trees should be pruned and trees benefit from tree pruning in many ways. 

4 Great reasons to have tree pruning done:

  •  Prune tree branches to create a scenic view.
  •  Trim tree branches away from a sidewalk.
  •  Prune dead tree branches.
  •  Remove broken tree branches.

The benefits of tree pruning

  • Reduce possible storm damage by removing excess interior tree branches.
  • Increase health of trees by removing diseased branches.
  • Increase safety of trees by removing large dead branches or weak or broken branches.
  • Improve growing conditions for landscape shrubs or grass.
  • Reduce level of leaf diseases by increasing the air flow throughout the tree canopy.

In the past stumps have been pulled out, dug out, burned out, or have poured various chemicals on stumps to accelerate the decay of the stump. Although there are a number of ways to remove stumps, using a stump grinder is the fastest way to remove a tree stump. A stump grinder is a specialized piece of tree care equipment that is designed specifically to grind tree stumps and grind tree roots. The stump grinder has a metal wheel with cutting teeth bolted to the wheel. Many people thought that stump grinding was an optional tree care service that wasn’t necessary if the stump was in a remote location in the landscape. However, did you know current research indicates that grinding out tree stumps can reduce the chance of other trees in your landscape from becoming infected with tree decay fungi. Stumps that remain after a tree removal can become infected with wood decay fungi. Over time these fungi will develop spores and fungal hyphae that will grow out into the soil. If a healthy tree is wounded in the future the decay fungi will have the opportunity to infect the wound.
Firewood Split
We have a large variety of split hardwood firewood. We customize your order to your needs.  Available all year around for warming your home or relaxing by your fire pit. We offer delivery or pick up seven days a week. Contact us today to place your order. 
A Top Notch Tree many reasons that there are many benefits from tree trimming. Maintained landscape trees will look nice, be healthy, and enhance and add to beauty of your landscape.

Tree Trimming Benefits​
  •  Remove excess interior tree branches.
  •  Clear tree branches from a house.
  •  Remove low tree branches for vehicle or pedestrian traffic.
  •  Cut tree branches back from a driveway.
  •  Clear tree branches from a building.
  •  Trim tree branches away from a sidewalk.
  • Improve traffic or pedestrian flow around trees or under trees.
  •   Improve view of traffic or business signs.    

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